Wednesday, 25 January 2017

What is a “Dogtor Calls”?

Dogtor Calls is the veterinary care on wheels where it is not a typical house visit of pets but something more than just a veterinarian with doctor bag for the pets. The care is purely for the well-being of emotional support animals wherein the individuals those with mental disabilities would face challenges to take their ESA pets to the vet hospital for periodic check-ups.
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Apart from a just legalized ESA, pets need love, care, attention and medical care more than only food & shelter. reviews state that the coach has:
-          26' Mobile Veterinary Hospital
-          Dedicated surgery suite
-          Surgivet anesthetic system
-          Multi-parameter surgical monitor
-          In-house lab analyzer  
-          MinXray HF100A Xray
-          CR digital x-ray processor
-          Ultrasonic dental scaler, polisher, and high-speed drill
-          Walk-on digital scale
-          Treatment table/Wettable
-          Patient kennels
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Dogtor calls provide both primary and supplementary veterinarian care for the pets. Primary veterinary care is for the pets that are seeking medical advice for the first time added with vaccination and periodic check-up et al.
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Supplementary veterinarian care is that of the one those who already have Primary veterinarians.

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