Thursday, 26 January 2017

Know all about the emotional support dogs

An emotional support dog is one kind that provides ease and comforts to the individuals those who are actually struggling with certain disorders in terms of medical and mental. Studies have shown that people those who are in such demanding conditions feel comfort with companion animals hence the professional mental health specialists approve for emotional support dogs or the emotional support animals (ESA) letters.
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In general emotional support animals are considered to be the integral part of the treatment for the individuals with certain disabilities. Most commonly those who are with reduced level of anxiety, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol level to name a few need a companion to mere sharing and overall wellbeing when having a pet beside them.
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What is emotional support dog and service dog?
Service dogs are entirely different wherein they perform tasks for the owners as like getting newspapers, spectacles, bottle, walking stick to name a few to the older people as like as assist. Wherein emotional support dog is the one that are prescribed to certain individuals those who are suffering from depression, stress, anxiety level, panic attacks, phobias, seasonal effective disorders, bipolar disorders, suicidal thoughts, post traumatic stress disorders, and et al.
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An emotional support dog does not require any specific training but it must be well behaved in the public with no signs of terror behavior of biting and barking, et al.

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